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Fundamentalist Equivalency
The reason the creators of the Constitution included separation of church and state.  These three should be separated to Abu Ghraib prison, naked and on electric leashes.

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Colorado Springs Bishop Michael Sheridan - calls for withholding communion from Catholics who don't vote  according to the mandates of the senile old pedophiles ruling the Church. The great murderer - Old Sammy Been Ladin' Pat Robertson - who, along with Jerry Falwell and other members of the fundamentalist backwoods Christian church, preach hate as religion.

1953    50 Years later    2003
Strange coincidence or a characteristic of right wing paranoia?

Senator Joe McCarthy made a political career from his Communist witch hunt.  He even attacked Secretary of State George Marshall.  General Marshall was the army chief of staff and a war hero.  He was also the creator of the Marshall Plan which helped rebuild Europe after WWII and resulted in the founding of NATO and a democratic Germany.  McCarthy was a paranoid drunk who died of complications of cirrhosis of the liver.
Newt Gingrich slithers out from under the rock where he has been hiding since his ouster as Speaker of the house due to ethics violations.  He now attacks Secretary of State Colin Powell and the State Department.  Powell was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and a war hero.  Newt is a slimy amphibian that the conservative brown shirts of the Republican party use to tarnish its "enemies".  Will the slippery Newt author another disastrous "Contract On America" by putting out a "Contract on the White House" as he did when he attacked Bush senior?



Minnesota's Own Grotesque, Embarrassing "Spawn"
(Spawn - what fans/enemies call "24"'s clueless Kim Bauer)

JesseVentura1.jpg (11891 bytes) ArlonLindner.jpg (154209 bytes)


Jesse (the Joke) Ventura

"If you were to come to Minnesota, I could have you locked up like that. That's power."

jesseboa1.jpg (85603 bytes)

"media jackals"

jesseboa3.jpg (38635 bytes)

"reincarnated as a size-38DD bra"

jesseboa2.jpg (106064 bytes)

"organized religion is a sham and a crutch for weak-minded people."

Arlon (ChristiaNazi) Lindner

"the Buddha religion, which historically has been considered a cult" - objection to a visit by the Dalai Lama

"donít impose your irreligious left views on me" - comments to a Jewish legislative colleague

"it's my understanding that gays have hundreds and even thousands of partners over a lifetime"

"It's just been recently that anyone's come out with this idea that homosexuals were persecuted to this extent. There's been a lot of rewriting of history."

Minnesota insanity: concealed weapons for everyone.        
    Keep your heads down when you're out in public!!!          
MNSenPariseau2.jpg (20193 bytes) MNRepBoudreau.gif (14767 bytes)
Pat Pariseau

MN state senator and
author of the Minnesota concealed carry bill.  The bill mandates that guns be allowed at U of MN sports events and the State Fair but bans guns from the state capitol building.  She, along with Sens Olson, Jungbauer, Gaither and Ruud are apparently morons or cowards, and are shills for the NRA

"People are reasonable in this state," said Pariseau, R-Farmington. "I don't think we have a bunch of idiots in our state. Why do we mistrust our citizens so?"

Opponents tried unsuccessfully to pass several amendments. One would have prohibited weapons at the Metrodome, State Fairgrounds, the Target Center, movie theaters and liquor vendors.

Guns in crowded places?  They serve alcohol at the Metrodome, Target Center, and Excel Center, but guns are not banned at these venues.


Lynda Boudreau

MN state representative and author of the state house's version of the "conceal and kill" bill.  Other house morons and NRA puppets: Smith, Holberg, Sviggum, Rukavina.

Boudreau said allowing more handgun permits remains sound strategy.

 "Maybe the bad guys won't feel quite as powerful" 

Depends what your definition of "bad guy" happens to be at the moment.

The idiots reside in the legislature.