Bluegrass Whitewater Rafting with Laurie Lewis andTom Rozum 8/24/99 - 8/29/99


Maps of the Middle Fork Area

Echo -- The Wilderness Company

ECHO, based in Oakland, CA, outfitted our trip.

The logo and map are borrowed from ECHO publications.

Echo river tour locations We all met in Stanley the afternoon of August 23 for orientation - the first of John's "irritating public information messages". The next morning we were flown to Indian Creek, about a half hour trip. We floated the Middle Fork from there to Corn Creek on the Main Salmon, about 80 miles, where we loaded everything into a bus for the three hour bus ride to Salmon. That night, August 29, we all had a final dinner together for last hugs and goodbyes.

Central Idaho mountain access map. All the maps in this section are taken from Forest Service map guide "The Middle Fork of the Salmon: a wild and scenic river". (126 KB) The following maps can be referenced by the panels on this map. We began our river trip at the left end of panel 3, Indian Creek to Jackass Rapids. Late season low flows mandated skipping the Boundary Creek to Indian Creek section.(133 KB)
Panel 3 - Indian Creek to Jackass Rapids. To correctly orient the map, in your mind rotate it clockwise till the N arrow points to the top of the page.(194 KB) Panel 4 - Jackass Rapids to Loon Creek. Comparing this map to its position in the panels section illustrates that these maps are vertical only to fit them into the booklet. (225 KB)
Panel 5 - Loon Creek to Sheep Creek. (222 KB) Panel 6 - Sheep Creek to Fly Camp. (159 KB)
Panel 7 - Fly Camp to Parrott Placer. (166 KB) Panel 8 - Parrott Placer to Main Salmon. (188 KB)
Panel 9 - Main/Middle junction to Corn Creek. (162 KB)   We camped at State Land panel (3), Shelf (4), Funston (5), Driftwood (6), Parrot Placer (7). Music will linger in those camps till Laurie and Tom return next summer.

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